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Something to make you laugh..

It’s amazing the good mood a funny little pup can put you in

even when you’ve had a horrible day…


I want a puppy!!

This may be the best thing since the bulldog who couldn’t roll over!!! I want it!

You’ve been long enough without a cute video…

Not only have I so horribly neglected my cute puppy videos on my blog, but I’m sure that I upset you as a result! 🙂 I actually just thought that this was a really interesting video seeing that people seem to think that rots are mean dogs..

Starsearch Pup..

What’s sad is that this dog could beat me in a talent contest!  Not even for whistling, he’s just so damn cute!

Let it out!

I couldn’t resist giving you ANOTHER cute puppy video! I needed a little pick me up! My BF also found this one too..

In defense of the puppies..

OK, so in my last post I was a little mean towards the puppies of the world.  And I just have to say that I love puppies and they are perhaps the cutest things in the entire world.  And, yes, even cuter than babies.  So, in their defence I’ve posted, perhaps, the cutest puppy video I have ever seen in my life.  Get ready to eat your heart out…

(Thanks BF for showing me this video…It makes me smile every time I watch it! Heart u!)

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